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We’ve been talking to artist David Studwell and photographer Scarlet Page about their series of limited edition Liam Gallagher screenprints. Scroll down to find out more behind the portrait and the process of their collaboration!

Liam Gallagher – Copper by David Studwell 
Edition of 15, £600

David Studwell combines traditional printmaking techniques with a modern approach to create dynamic and vibrant artwork. He is influenced by popular culture, cult movies and Pop Art in particular, which is evident in his extensive and exciting range of prints. Having studied art and design at the prestigious Central Saint Martins, Studwell joined a printmaking studio in West London. He has exhibited in The London Print Studio where he makes the majority of his work as well as showing in other galleries in London and the USA.  David has been published several times; his work has been featured in GQ, Elle and World of Interiors magazines, as well as French broadsheet Le Monde diplomatique a number of times. David has a celebrity client base and has been collected by Kate Moss and Nile Rogers of Chic.

David – My work focuses on celebrity, the dark side as well as what we see in magazines or on TV.

It harks back to classic bygone eras like the sixties and the seventies; a time when celebrity held a different meaning to what it does today. It was somehow more dignified and glamorous back then.

In terms of the Liam Gallagher project-I chose to switch my gaze from those classic eras to the nineties when Britpop was exploding in the UK.

David – Scarlet Page has been on my radar for a while because we are represented by the same gallery. She is the daughter of legendary guitarist Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin fame and therefore has a very strong music connection which is right up my street. I was at art school when Oasis were being blasted out over the airwaves so it felt only natural to switch my focus from those classic bygone eras to the nineties-arguably a classic era in its own right-certainly in terms of popular music.

I wanted to echo the hedonism of those times which is why I decided to use diamond dust and metallic inks to add a level of glamour to the works.

Liam Gallagher – Blue by David Studwell
Edition of 15, £700

Scarlet – This shot was taken in the daytime before a Black Crowes concert it was for a feature for an American magazine to do with an upcoming tour called ‘Brotherly Love’ with the Black Crowes and Oasis. There were plenty of jokes, beer and cigarettes in the corridor!

David –  To me the images look like they were taken in a studio; adding a certain glamour and capturing the hedonism of those times. I wanted some of the grime and grit of a band on the road to remain in the images as well.

Liam Gallagher – Orange by David Studwell
Edition of 15, £600

David – Liam was the frontman of Oasis and although Noel wrote much of the music, Liam was always at the front of everything. For me he also epitomises rock n roll.

He had a certain swagger and captivated audiences. Liam had rock n roll attitude in abundance which Scarlet captured perfectly in the photograph.

David – I wanted to encapsulate the glamour and hedonism of Britpop in the nineties; which is why I chose to create some editions in diamond dust and some in shimmering metallics.

When Oasis played Knebworth towards the end they were playing to record numbers of fans-They had an enormous and loyal following.

Liam Gallagher – Platinum by David Studwell
Edition of 15, £600

David – I recently created a series of screen prints of Marion Cotillard which was a refreshing step into the present. I believe she will become an icon in time, she has classic beauty and a timeless quality to her.
In terms of future projects I’m currently negotiating a project with a Hollywood actress which involves creating an exclusive series of screen prints of her. I’m afraid I can’t let the cat out of the bag just yet but all will be revealed soon.

Liam Gallagher – Pink by David Studwell
Edition of 15, £700

We are loving hearing about our artist’s outlook for the year and we hope you do too! Next up it’s one of our best-selling artists Lucille Clerc, scroll down to read the Q + A and check out some of Lucille’s beautiful art!

Night Flowers by Lucille Clerc
Edition of 30, £120

I’m an illustrator and printmaker. I live between London and the French countryside.
I grew up in my grandparents carpentry, surrounded by craftsmen and raised by an English teacher passionate about botany and an architect teaching landscape drawing, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!
I’ve been lucky to work at very different scale from tiny packagings to large scale immersive murals, and from big brands to museums, publishers and magazines. In the work I create as a printmaker I develop the narrative side, I hide details for the viewer to discover. It takes you on a longer journey and hopefully makes you escape reality for a little longer.

London has been a great source of inspiration, it isn’t like other capitals, it’s much greener. There is a tradition of small gardens inside estates, squares, allotments, botanical gardens, flower markets, and people have a real interest and appetite for these. I like to explore the relation between architecture and Nature in my work this is why you will find a lot of botanical gardens inspired prints, from Kew Gardens where I worked on the renovation project of the Great Pagoda, to the Barbican conservatory to other botanical gardens that I was lucky to visit prior to the pandemic.

I’m feeling positive about the idea of printing again, even if I’ll have to wait to be fully healed to go back to a normal rhythm, the prospect of creating new prints and being around the studio surrounded by all kinds of passionate people is really exciting, and kept me going in these darker days. I can’t wait to be back! And I miss my studio friends!

City Of Trees by Lucille Clerc
Edition of 50, £180

I would say, switch off that computer and trust your instinct! Go look at things in the flesh and always carry a sketchbook. Don’t pay too much attention to trends, they pass, if you copy the current trends you’re already too late. Building a career and finding your own style takes time and work. Find your own themes, your own source of inspiration. Just make sure you do something that truly has meaning for you, there will always be someone out there who shares the same interests as you and will be touched by what you do. Believe in yourself but also trust others, because they are the ones that will carry you and your work further than you could ever imagine. Value each chance you are given to make a living out of what you love, we are extremely lucky people, so if you want to last, don’t take things for granted and be loyal to the people you work with.

Pocket Garden #1 by Lucille Clerc
Edition of 30, £65

I’ve designed large scale hand-drawn decorative panels for the newly refurbished Burrell Collection in Scotland, a museum that has been really dear to me  since childhood and I can’t wait to see it in the flesh this year (fingers crossed). 
More recently, I’ve illustrated a book by Jon Drori Around the world in 80 Plants, sequel to our Around the World in 80 Trees published by Laurence King which will be released on April 15th this year. It has even more illustrations than in the first one and we are super excited to finally be able to share it!

I feel unbelievably lucky and grateful for being alive and able to do what I love for a living again.
Last year I’ve managed to get through a potentially lethal lung surgery and avoid being infected by covid, and life feels even more precious. I had a lot of time immobilized to think about it. And I had to learn all the basics again, breathing, walking, holding a pen again, etc, It’s been a very long and painful process but somehow an interesting one too and very moving one with the support of my loved ones. I have of course even more admiration for surgeons and medical staff and had to let go of a lot of fears to put my life in the hands of other people. This kind of events is life changing, it’s a good opportunity to re-evaluate what you have done with your life, who you surround yourself with and where you’d like to go, moving forward.




Day At Kew – 2nd Edition by Lucille Clerc
Edition of 30, £180

Staying home and chill? No, I think I had enough of that! 

When it’s safe and allowed I’d love to travel and hug some family members and friends I haven’t seen for a year. It’s been a rocky road and just like everyone else, I guess I have a few family meals and friends bbq to catch up with. Otherwise I’ll keep taking care of the garden (which has been a great source of inspiration during the different lockdowns) and I’ll be preparing for a solo show that will happen before 2025 hopefully!

London Night by Lucille Clerc
Edition of 30, £120

We’re really treating you this week, not one but, TWO ‘Artist At Home’ features! We know how well loved this artist and their rabbits are to you guys so, to coincide with the release of three new HAM screen prints, we caught up with the founder Joanna Ham to talk all things bunnies, her studio and lockdown…

Dinosaur Rabbit by HAM
Open Edition, £40

I’m an artist, illustrator and founder of homeware brand HAM. I live on a farm on the Welsh borders with my husband Stew, two kids, Kit and Ren and our dog Ted. The studio is a converted granary barn nestled in the hills surrounded by sheep!

I’ve just launched a brand new series of Rabbit prints and am currently working on expanding HAM’s mug collection. Away from the bunnies I’ve been developing some of my personal work and have just finished a set of flower drawings.

Bathtime Rabbit by HAM
Open Edition, £40

Pilates Rabbit by HAM
Open Edition, £40

I’ve been trying to up my snack game and my go to sweet treat has been chocolate beetroot brownies … the kids demolish them and the veg minimises some of the sugar guilt!

It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster adjusting to the new normal, especially juggling work and kids. But this forced break has given me a much-needed timeout to revisit what sits at the heart of HAM. I’ve been carrying around a load of ideas for ages and have finally been able to carve out a chunk of time to just get lost in experimenting and creating new work.

So many amazing artists to choose from! The last piece I bought was Human Beinz by William Blanchard – such an uplifting piece – I’ve hung it in my son’s room.

Human Beinz – Small by William Blanchard
Artist Proofs Available, £250

Fun minimalism.

Try not to get sucked back into our old regime of manically rushing around and never having enough time.

This week’s ‘Artist At Home’ is with no other than Dave Buonaguidi aka Real Hackney Dave! Scroll down to read all about his lockdown, a peek into his home and what he’s been working on!

XOXO – Couples by Dave Buonaguidi 

Open Edition, £95

My name is Dave Buonaguidi, and I am an artist based in Hackney. I began my art career very late in life. I was fifty and did the one day workshop here at Print club and without sounding too dramatic that workshop changed my life. After 35 years of working in advertising, I had just had enough of the people and lack of creativity and decided to do everything I could to become a full-time artist. In January this year, I jacked in the day job, and finally achieved that ambition. What a year to do it!

I live about 100 metres from Print club, just off Shacklewell lane. I have lived in the area for almost 20 years, and I needed to be near my kids who live in De Beauvoir with my ex. My place is part of a converted bible factory and is a nice bright open space on the ground floor. Right now it’s stuffed with all the framed work that I was going to try and sell at various art fairs and shows, that have been cancelled this year. I have a long wall full of my favourite art and a studio workroom where I keep all the maps and ephemera that I print on, and all the editions that I have printed.

Outside my front door is a beautiful courtyard surrounded by the rest of the factory building. It’s very colourful and very peaceful, and then 100 metres up the road I am in the middle of my favourite area, full of noise, personality, eclectic people and creative inspiration.

I love to print onto found ephemera, maps, love letters, playing cards, pattern cutting templates, blueprints, basically anything that is flat and has a rich and evocative back story. Because of my background in advertising, I like to use words and messages in a playful way and create a reaction in the viewer. I print my type layers onto these found objects in a vibrant shock fluorescent pink, with a red drop shadow. I have always been inspired by the pop artists. The colours, the subversion of imagery, the sense of passion and revolt and cultural noise, and also the mass production through screen printing aspect of certain works by artists like Warhol, Rauschenberg and Peter Blake.

I got the virus in late Feb early March, and I got really sick, and by the time I was feeling better, the lockdown had started. I felt like the wind had been taken out of my sails, and because all the shows I had prepared framed works for had all been cancelled or postponed, I had no enthusiasm or motivation to do anything, but I decided to try and lift my spirits by creating stuff inspired by the lockdown itself. Before it all kicked off I did 700 NO SNOGGING face masks with Jealous Gallery and then did lots and lots IT’S GONNA BE OKAY prints with Print Club that we gave to NHS workers, that I did a bunch of giveaway prints KEEP YER CHIN UP.

This lockdown has been a truly unique experience, and also a cultural event. I always want to create a reaction with my work, and I thought this was a good opportunity to motivate and inspire as many people as possible, all of who were feeling the same was I was. My motivation returned and I am in the studio everyday printing like crazy, I’ve never been busier.

1. My motorcycle. Everyday I ride it to my local post office to drop stuff. The roads are empty and it’s sunny, and I make as much noise as I can.

2. WIFI. I don’t know what I do without it.

3. Jaffa Cakes. I don’t know what I do without them.

I have been making really healthy food during the crisis, except for the odd packet of Jaffa Cakes or two, or ten. Right now, I am really into a simple salad of red onions, kidney beans, red pepper and feta cheese, with balsamic vinegar and oil.

I’m very lucky, there are some great artists at the club who also happen to be really nice people, which when you have worked in advertising as long as I have, can take a bit of getting used to. The other thing is that all the artists have completely different styles and techniques. I really like Donk and his beautiful and elegant street style, and Davey Newton with his amazing bold and colourful designs.

Juicy – Copper Foil by David Newton 

Open Edition, £70

Kissing someone. Like a proper dirty, slow kiss.

Catch up on our latest ‘Artist At Home’ Q + A! This week we’ve been chatting to collage artist Lucille Moore, scroll down to have a read…

Flaming Hearts by Lucille Moore
Edition of 25, £95

Feeling totally grateful for my home studio right now. I worked from the kitchen table for years until I was able to commandeer a room in the house to spread out and slop paint around in. I live with my other half Toby, who has been busy working from home and our little boy Cassidy who is two.

Weeping Heart by Lucille Moore
One Off Original piece, £290 framed
This piece has been made with acrylic on cardboard collage with wire

It’s a major juggling act, raising a two year old and getting work done, and since lock down we have missed the grandparents who have over the last couple of years really assisted in helping me to have chunks of time to focus on work. So, I have to grab snippets when I can. Mostly at the weekend when Toby can take over with Cass. The rest of the time we’re busy cooking or digging in the garden which we love, or watching the birds nesting in our bird box!   

My style wavers between humorous to sinister, illustrative to expressionist. I have always needed variety in my work and so I do tend to swing from one thing to another depending on my mood. I used to give myself a hard time about being inconsistent but I’ve learnt that one thing informs another. I don’t get to choose, I just have to go with what is working at the time.

I’ve mostly been working on drawings to try and generate some new ideas for paintings and collages, and have also had the pleasure of making a couple of home icons for some very lovely clients.

Definitely, I’ve never got long in the studio so I’ve really had to temper my expectations and have started working on just drawing. I’ve been fascinated by the Wild West and the American frontier for a while now and recently started looking at photographs by Solomon D. Butcher. I love the relation between these photographs and the snapshots I get of my neighbours outside their houses every Thursday at 8pm.

Waffle House by Lucille Moore
Edition of 100, £150

Spring time means Rhubarb, and I have made ALOT of crumble. I make my topping with porridge oats and ground almonds (recipe stolen from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstal) so no need to worry about the lack of flour in the shops. I stick a good chunk of grated ginger and a couple of apples in with the rhubarb. and it’s  Excellent comfort food if you’re having a wobble.

We are all missing our family and friends!

Maxine Gregson’s work is dreamy. I love the desert landscapes she uses and it takes me back to my own trip through the American desert. I have my eye on ‘Borderline’, the colour palette she uses just radiates the dry heat and dusty light that I’ll never forget.

Borderline by Maxine Gregson
Edition of 30, £90

Yes! I decided to draw a little shrine, because there is always hope. The world will look a bit different once this is all over and hopefully for the better. Within the little microcosm of our home we have done our best to focus on gratitude and appreciate every little thing.

This year we are getting to know our artists a little more, by taking tours around their studios and exploring where all the magic happens. To kick off our series of tours, we visited the always lovely Lucille Moore. We have been working with Lucille over the last two years, turning her cardboard collages into limited edition screen prints.

We caught up with Lucille who is currently working on a new collection of work, all inspired by her recent trip to America, exploring the idea of ‘Wanted’; a home, a new life, love, freedom, adventure… Basic human desires and the original American Dream through the eyes of cowboys. 

Within the majority of Lucille’s work, she uses cardboard, repurposing a material primarily used for packaging. Enjoying the freeness that cardboard allows her to be with her work, Lucille has gone on to create many pieces using this material, including her first piece ‘Fluffy Women’ which was featured in The RA’s Summer Exhibition 2016.

Waffle House Lucille Moore Print Club London Screen Print

Waffle House by Lucille Moore

£150 // Edition of 100

To see Lucille’s entire collection on our online gallery, click here.


We are extremely excited and honoured to be collaborating with London’s biggest retail destination Oxford Street and its partners to make this Christmas one to remember.

Over the past six months, Print Club London have commissioned artists Paul Thurlby, Lucille Clerc and Elliot Kruszynski to curate three new limited edition screen prints, to be released as a part of the Christmas is Calling Campaign. For ONE night only if you shop in 30 selected stores across Oxford Street and spend over £50 you will be given a FREE artwork. Spend £100 or more to receive one of only 300 numbered and hand signed prints. Get in quick whilst stock is still available.

Date: Thursday 6th December 2018

Time: 5PM Onwards

Location: Oxford Street, W1B 3AG


Originally from Nottingham, Paul is an award-winning illustrator living in London. He was fortunate enough to have had his personal project, Alphabet, published as a children’s book in 2011. Since then he hasn’t looked back.

Paul loves original vintage posters and still has room on his walls for some more (hint, hint).

A London based illustrator and Print Maker. Taking inspiration from the everyday and mundane he always tries to inject some humour and life into even the most boring object. Working on a variety of projects from Children’s books to Wrapping paper to Murals, his work always comes with a smile.

Lucille is a French London based Illustrator. Lucille set up my studio in East London after graduating from Central Saint Martins with an MA in Communication Design and before, from ENSAAMA in Paris with a DSAA in Visual Communication. Lucille’s work mainly within the field of editorial design and illustration, occasionally also realising interior and exhibition spaces. Her work is mainly handcrafted from drawing to printing.

Participating Stores: 

Accessorize   Adidas    Aldo    Asics    Bershka   Calzedonia    Debenhams    Dune    Evans    Forever 21    French Connection    GAP    G-Star RAW    Hawes & Curtis   Hema    HMV    Intimissimi   JD Sports    John Lewis & Partners    Jurlique  Lipsy    Matalan   Massimo Dutti    Miss Selfridge   Monsoon    Next   Oud Milano    Pandora    River Island    Schuh (200 Oxford St only)    Stradivarius    Sunglasses Hut    Tezenis    The Body Shop   United Colours of Benetton    Wallis   Warehouse   Whittards


If you’ve recently been to Kew Gardens you may have seen the newly refurbished Great Pagoda. Our long term Print Club member and artist Lucille Clerc had the honour of creating murals within the pagoda which climb all the way up inside the building. Lucille has produced 14 limited edition screenprints inspired by her visits to Kew Gardens, check them out below!

1. Night at Kew, Edition of 50, £180
2. Day at Kew, Edition of 50, £180

Having spent quite some time in the Gardens and even more while creating this project, Lucille carries on gathering a body of work around the botanical theme. Something she started years ago with her show “Wild Botanicus” here at Print Club London’s Gallery. Since then she’s been exploring the idea of conservatory, the relation between architecture and nature, constructed and cultivated, tamed and wild, endangered and protected.

Here is a new series inspired by Kew Gardens, a collections of sketches reflecting the sensation of wandering, the endless discoveries and hidden inhabitants and variety of species of the gardens, and the beautiful structures protecting the collections.

1. Vera, Edition of 50, £150
2. Mini Palm House #2, Edition of 30, £65

Mini Palm House
Edition of 30, £65 

Palm House Panorama
Edition of 60, £120

The Great Pagoda was designed by Sir William Chambers, architect to King George IV, and completed in 1762 as a gift for Princess Augusta, the founder of the botanic gardens at Kew. It is a ten-storey octagon tower, standing at almost 50m and it offered one of the earliest and finest bird’s eye views of London.

Chambers studied oriental architecture in China, but when he designed Kew’s pagoda he ignored some of the rules. Pagodas should have an odd number of floors, traditionally seven (rather than ten), believed to represent seven steps to heaven. Yet The Great Pagoda was the most accurate reconstruction of a Chinese building in Europe at the time. It was originally flanked by a Moorish Alhambra and a Turkish Mosque, and 17 other follies from classical temples and ruins to eastern-inspired buildings that were all the rage in the great gardens of the time.

Historic Royal Palaces just refurbished The Great Pagoda and after months of work by a whole team of passionate historians, designers and craft-makers it is now back to its original 18th century splendour. This includes the original 80 dragons which originally adorned the roofs, each carved from wood
and gilded with real gold.

Lucille always had a thing for Kew Gardens since her first encounter with the Pagoda when she was 4. She’s been a member of Kew Gardens when she first moved to London and the gardens have been a source of inspiration in her screen prints since then.

Lucille won the tender set by Historic Royal Palaces for the creation of a mural inside the Pagoda, on the ground floor. The brief set by HRP and Skellon studio evolved as the project developed, and the initial illustrated panels changed into a whole mural.

The project grew over a few months from research, sketching the trees on the way to the Pagoda, portraying Sir William Chambers, King George IV and his mother Princess Augusta based on Kew Palace’s archives, drawing the two giant trees that surround the doors to scale with all their bark details, and leaves, stylizing iconic botanical species and animals present at the time in the gardens (based on curator Polly Putnam’s research) to find a style combining 18th century references and contemporary expectations.


Big thanks to project manager Tom Bennett and project director Craig Hatto, all the gentlemen at Bluesky, painters and scaffolding team, curator Polly Putnam, designers at Skellon Studio for this amazing adventure! And Farrow and Ball for being such a supportive sponsor, and providing such great quality paint (what a treat!)


Palm Spiral
Edition of 30, £160

1. Under The Leaves, Edition of 30, £65
2. Tropics This Way, Edition of 30, £65

Edition of 30, £65

1. Palm Canopy, Edition of 50, £120
2. Palm Zigzag, Edition of 60, £120

Mangrove Mirage
Edition of 50, £230


We have been blown away by the support for our collaboration with Help Refugees. We are continuing to raise funds for the charity throughout the year so watch this space for more releases and exclusive prints. This project wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication of our artists, especially Adrian- Florin Ardelean and his team who produced our behind the scenes film showcasing some of our favourite artists creating their ‘Choose Love’ pieces.

Watch below to see Mr Bingo, Rose Stallard, Alexa Coe & Rob Ryan working on their exclusive artworks.


Shop the Choose Love collection here.

Choose Love – Rose Stallard

Edition of 5



Choose Love by Donk

Edition of 2


All proceeds from the sales of the Choose Love prints directly support the incredible work of Help Refugees.


Print Club London

Print Club London, are offering one lucky artist the chance to come and produce their work into limited edition screen prints!

How it works

Key information


Artwork specifications


Kate Gibb is back in our studios producing not one but TWO limited edition screen prints exclusive to Print Club London! We know you’re going to fall in love with the pastel tones and geometric shapes in Kate’s new pieces! Check them out below and don’t forget.. FREE UK SHIPPING!

Edition of 20, £220

Edition of 20, £220





Here it is our second Print-ern Show! We will be showcasing the amazing talents of our former Print-erns Rozalina Burkova and Francesca Tiley with their exclusive prints which were produced with us during their Printernship here at Print Club London!


Date: Thursday 14th September 2017

Time: 6 – 9pm

Location: Print Club London Gallery, Unit 3 10-28 Millers Ave, E8 2DS


After the brilliant success of our last ‘Printernship,’ we’re super excited to share with you our latest, equally as inspiring offering from illustrators Francesca Tiley and Rozalina Burkova!

Towards the end of last year, we selected both girls to take part in our rewarding ‘Printernship’ scheme, allowing them to create a number of prints, whilst developing their own personal styles.

The ‘Printernship’ opportunity allows recent graduates to print and create work in our studio, coupled with free desk space and guidance from fellow printers and technicians. Offering financial support along with our own creative direction and printing expertise, the scheme results in a series of prints from each artist exclusive to Print Club.

The exhibition will feature original works, limited edition screenprints and on one off ceramics by each artist and will also be the debut of their exciting collaboration together, with hand painted murals and exclusive prints available on the opening night.

LAPP have kindly sponsored the entire evening with their amazing Poptails! So make sure you come down and have a Poptail with us!


Featured artists in the show:


Rozalina Burkova

Roadtrip // Edition of 40 // £60

Lounging Lady // Edition of 30 // £100

Rozalina is a freelance illustrator and occasional animator based in Barcelona. Born and raised in Bulgaria she moved to London to study at Central Saint Martins College where she graduated in 2015.  

Her work is a mix of hand drawn and digital elements united with the magic of Photoshop. Her animations are 2D, jittery and really fun to make. She enjoy rich colours, imperfect lines and subjects caught in dreamy states.


Francesca Tiley

Dancing Shoes // Edition of 50 // £60

Tequila Time // Edition of 30 // £90

Francesca’s work is defined by vibrant colours, decorative patterns and playful lettering. She is influenced by the naïve and expressive qualities of folk art and has a big love for anything hand made. Having recently completed her BA at Brighton University, she hopes to learn more about sign painting and other traditional crafts.


Francesca Tiley Rozalina Burkova Print Club London

Click here to attend to the show!


We are so excited to be sponsored  by LAPP who will be providing their amazing Poptails for the event!

Poptails LAPP



So our most recent printerns have been here just over a month now! And we know you’re DESPERATE to know what they been getting up to in our studios! Each printern works as a studio technician one day a week, where they assists members printing, tidy the studio, help out with workshops and they will pick up tricks of the trade from professional printers! Apart from that day they can use the studio as they please, our studio is 24/7!

Charlie has just finished his 1st limited edition screen print and we love it! His work plays with overlays and colour, making his work a bold piece to have on your wall! Here’s a few WIP shots and the print itself!

Charlie Gould is an illustrator and print-maker based in Hampshire.

Charlie’s love of mundane objects, counter-culture, and bad films are a huge source of inspiration for his work. Usually finding itself a mash-up of all the above, with some bright colour thrown in for good measure.

Mack's Mountain Cow Milk Charlie Gould Print Club London Screen Print

Mack’s Mountain Cow Milk by Charlie Gould

Edition of 40, £60

David Shand & Isabella Cotier Joint Show Print Club London

We would like to thank everyone who attended our joint show last night for artists Isabella Cotier and David Shand, what a great turn out!

The original prints and exclusive editions will all be available to buy from our gallery til the 29th June.

Please email [email protected] to book a viewing. _________________________________________________________________

We held David Shand & Isabella Cotier Joint show in our Dalston gallery, where we showcased their contrasting styles with a curated selection of works by each artist, including screenprints, ceramics, originals and more.

Here are a few snaps from last night’s Opening Night

Joint Show

Joint Show

Joint Show

Joint Show


Artist’s featured in the show:

David Shand trained as a graphic designer and has worked in design and illustration for the last 20 years. David works primarly in screenprint and collage, often combining the two to create editions and one off pieces. David has sold at Atom Gallery, Studio 73, Affordable Artfair and the Druck Berlin Screenprint Festival.

David uses old posters from the underground as a starting point for his work, finding himself drawn to their decaying images and viewing them in an abstract, playful way.  David is known for his subverted imagery of torn and distressed posters, with his work being a visual exolpration of how advertising loses its commercial message through time and decay and how new meanings emerge.


David Shand

Poster Girl // Original Piece

Consume, Conform // Original Piece

Framed: £650

Image Missing Riley David Shand

Image Missing // Edition of 7

Riley // Edition of 7

Unframed: £250 // Framed: £400

David Shand

Editor // Original Piece

Yellow and Blue (Text) // Original Piece

Framed: £350


Isabella Cotier

Isabella Cotier graduated from London College of Fashion studying Illustration and has been freelancing ever since. Some of her clients include H&M, Fortnum and Mason, Paul Smith and Vivienne Westwood. Isabella grew up in Florence, Italy where she experienced a more traditional way of drawing.

Isabella’s main interest is portraying people through expressive and unrestricted lines, playing on her impulsivity and celebrating the imperfections in her work. The majority of Isabella’s work is based on life drawing sessions where she captures a model’s presence with lines and expression, often developing this further from the impression they’ve left.

Isabella Cotier

Red Roses // Edition of 50

Pink Polka Dots // Edition of 50

Framed: £357 // Unframed: £220

Isabella Cotier

Callum// Original Piece

Timothy Yellow //Original Piece

Timothy Red Stripe //Original Piece

Timothy Pink Red //Original Piece

Framed: £290

Isabella Cotier

Zarina // Edition of 7

Robbie // Original Piece

Framed: £490


All the pieces featured in the post are available to purchase from our gallery, throughout the duration of the show.

Not all the prints seen on this new post will be available to purchase online.

Original Pieces may have sold since this post.


We are SUPER excited to announce that we have recently collaborated with Poppy Chancellor AKA Poppy’s papercuts to transform her intricate and beautiful papercuts into Limited Edition screen prints!

Push It

Edition of 200, £50

Push It Poppy's Papercuts Print Club London Screen Print

Spice Up Your Life

Edition of 200, £50

Spice It Up Poppy's Papercuts Print Club London Screen Print

Push It Poppy's Papercuts Print Club London Screen Print

Shop the collection here!

There’s more to come from our collab with Poppy so keep your eyes peeled!

Christmas Gift Guide


On of our prints has been featured in the December issue of Shortlist Magazine! We have to say what a great choice for a gift this year!



Aleesha is a 23 year old Illustrator and Printmaker from London, whose works manage to carefully tread the line between being whimsical and being highly emotionally evocative. A graduate of the Cambridge School of Art, Aleesha’s work manages to capture the spirit of several cultural phenomena, be they from home or abroad, and also manages to spark fun and life into objects that are otherwise considered mundane. She has been printing with Print Club since March 2016, following a period of Illustrating for Noodoll. She continues to create works for companies on a freelance basis, and her work has also been featured in recent editions of OFFLIFE and Little White Lies magazines.


Purchase this print along with Aleesha’s whole collection here!



This Holiday season, the creators fo Chhipa are running a pop-up called The Makers Shop, an opportunity for people in the creative arts, crafts and production industry to showcase their work. There’s a huge variety of ‘Makers” involved, a full list of which can be seen on our website. Some of our artists are showing their pieces there so definitely head down to have a look at work by Tiff Howick, HAM, Clare Halifax, Rose Harris & more!

You can find the Makers Shop on;

46 Charlotte Road, Shoreditch

Open until the 12th December 2016

They’ll be hosting workshops, as well as late night shopping evenings and screen printing!

For more information head on to their website;



We visited the Maker’s Shop last night at their Opening Night, instantly as you walked in it felt welcoming and cosy – Just how a Christmas pop-up should be! Filled with some amazing work varying from screen prints to ceramics! We could have definitely spent a fortune! We’ll be heading back to pick up some gifts for Christmas and you should definitely check it out too!






Johnathan learnt his screenprinting skills under the guidance of print club head printer Marco Lawrence.

He spent many weeks printing his work and developing his pieces which we have been selling since he started producing work as a screenprinter

His new screen printed works are on display at hangup and are from the latest development in his work all printed here in east London studios.


Here’s a selection of Johnathan’s pieces we have for sale in our online gallery, keep your eyes peeled for new limited edition screen prints being added to his collection very soon!


Devi Gold Edition, £230 Unframed


Colonial Beauty, £350


Tiger Lilly, £295

Shop Johnathan’s whole collection here

Femme Fatale features Reiner’s female portraiture works, which challenge both historical and contemporary representations of female beauty. Currently training as a neurologist, Dr. Reiner’s work dissects ‘objective’ and ‘universal’ ideals, and reveals them to be socially constructed concepts. He shows how these concepts are not hard-wired into our brains, but imposed on us by the culture we live in.   Using found materials, which range from early 20th century soft pornography to contemporary fashion magazines, Reiner contrasts Western notions of beauty with those of non-western, native and tribal beauty. In doing so he explores the idea that the concept of ‘beauty’ is fluid, and liable to change according to time, place and context. What begins as a figure portrayed as fragile or tormented is transformed and empowered by the artist’s embellishment. Reiner provides an individuality and personality to the muse by adding tribal references and motifs from the natural world. He raises his subjects from that of a models who are coveted, to figures which are worshiped.   “It is about empowering; reclaiming of the image’s power” explains Reiner.  

Date: Thursday 1st December

Time: 6 – 9pm

Location: Hang Up Gallery


Print Club London
has long prided itself in supporting emerging artists and our ‘Printernship’ programme was set up to provide graduates with an opportunity to work in our studios and benefit from fellow creative minds and facilities with our financial support.

Over the last year, three graduates were chosen Rose Electra Harris, Aleesha Nandhra & Alice Kiteley – Each offered free studio space, full use of the print studio, tutoring from our creative directors and the support of our technicians in producing a collection of limited edition screen prints exclusive to Print Club London

Here are the whole collection of the pieces featured in the show, available on our online gallery now!

We held Our first Printern Show since setting up the scheme in 2015 and it was a massive success. Each artist showing a different style and demonstrating their personality. Teamed together they created a perfect show filled with colour, wit & romance! Here’s a few snaps from last night’s Private View!






Sriracha Time // Edition of £40, £60


Know Your Condiments // Edition of 40, £60 
Japanese Eats // Edition of 40, £70


Ramen Bar // Edition of 40, £70

Shop her whole collection here



Summer with Neil // Edition of 50, £85


The Starman // Edition of 50, £100


Botanical Gardens // Edition of 50, £120

Shop her whole collection here



Moroccan Riad in Blue // Edition of 40, £595


Pink Stairs // Edition of 50, £120


Coast In Pink // Edition of 45, £95

Shop her whole collection here

A HUGE thank you to Forest Road Brewing Co. for supplying the evening with beers!




Our Printernship scheme has been going on for some time now and we have had some amazing artists and really cool work produced! We had such a high standard of work this time around that we couldn’t just pick one.. We decided to get in two VERY talented recent grads to be a part of Print Club for two months!

Introducing Rozalina Burkova & Francesca Tiley..rozalina


Rozalina is a freelance illustrator and occasional animator based in London. Born and raised in Bulgaria she moved to London to study at Central Saint Martins College where she graduated in 2015.

Her work is a mix of hand drawn and digital elements united with the magic of Photoshop. Her animations are 2D, jittery and really fun to make. She enjoy rich colours, imperfect lines and subjects caught in dreamy states.ROZALINA BURKOVA WORK

As Print Club’s newest addition, what are you most looking forward to?

I am so looking forward to improve my screen printing skills and to get a better understanding of the craft. Also I usually work with colours only digitally so mixing inks and finding the right combinations is something I am both scared from and excited about!

If you could sum up your work in a few words, how would you describe it?

Vivid colours, textures, imperfect (often naked) bodies and fun utopia.

What kind of things do you have in mind to create over your two month Printernship?

At the moment I am thinking of focusing on imaginary landscapes where people and creatures are having a chilled time, but two months is a long time so nothing is certain.

Francesca tiley

Francesca’s work is defined by vibrant colours, decorative patterns and playful lettering. She is influenced by the naïve and expressive qualities of folk art and has a big love for anything hand made. Having recently completed her BA at Brighton University, she hopes to learn more about sign painting and other traditional crafts. FRANCESCA TILEY

As Print Club’s newest addition, what are you most looking forward to?

For the coming months I’m mostly excited to refine the basic screen printing knowledge I have and to start making new work.

If you could sum up your work in a few words, how would you describe it?

Bright colours, fun lettering and expressive characters…usually accompanied by decorative patterns.  

What kind of things do you have in mind to create over your two month Printernship?

Big and bright images with lots of lettering…

Keep your eyes peeled for new work in the next few weeks!



It’s time for another Artist Spotlight! This one with Clare Halifax a multi disciplined printer whose latest botanical collection has been flying out of our shop. We met at one of her places of inspiration, the Barbican for a coffee and a catch up.

Drawing Botanicals

Her most recognizable work is her detail orientated architectural and landscape pieces that are a personal juxtaposition of organic vs. manmade. By offering a wonderful perspective of known buildings from across the city Clare’s work connects with people. Allowing people to indentify with an area they love; a time, a place, a period of their lives they want to cherish, Clare creates all of that with her illustrative work.

Next colour is pink


Clare starts each piece with an initial hand rendered drawing then she has to move things digitally to help with repeating patterns and preparing the layers for screen-printing. She has been doing some very interesting things with framing and the use of negative space, with some of her vines and leaves just creeping on to the paper.


At the moment she is taking a break from buildings and having fun exploring an alphabet series with some unique colour choices. She hopes to return to architecture drawings again soon, missing the detail process and familiarity of drawing the world around her.

She can’t imagine doing anything else and why would we want her to! With great recommendations for contemporary artists and one of a kind cactus shops she is a very interesting conversationalist. Hope to talk again soon Clare.


Content & Imagery by Gabrielle Taylor


10 years

A perfect place for a pit stop on your way through the city this month is Ryan Callanan solo show at the Lawrence Alkin Gallery. Nestled just north of Seven Dials the 2-floor gallery is showing their second major show with the artist. Consisting of what Ryan is famous for: his smiley faces synonymous with the acid house rave culture of the 1980s as well as some new emoji themed works.

Acid Abstractions

Collection of Faces


Already a prominent street artist as well as one of our lovely print club artists, remember his Summer Screen print? RYCA has over the last 3 years been moving towards a new practice that draws upon his history of craftsmanship in 3-D sign & model making. Downstairs is a selection of bas-relief pieces associated with traditional pub signs – gold inlay and black lacquered backgrounds. His newer works at the galleries entrance venture more into the abstract and obscure than ever before but maintain a core theme.


10 Years Later marks a decade anniversary of Ryan’s work and promises a glimpse in to the fun future that his expert technique and pop art inspired style will bring.

Smile Sculptures Table


An artist working in contemporary printmaking and graphics. Already a prominent artist on the Street Art scene, the last three years have seen Ryan move away from this aesthetic towards a new practice that draws upon his in-depth knowledge of materials and craftsmanship acquired through his training in industrial model making and 3-D design.

From the starting point of the emblematic visual sign, RYCA began a series of works using the smiley face synonymous with acid house rave culture in the 1980s. Working in bas-relief, this iconic motif was recontextualised by rendering it in material and style usually associated with traditional pub signs – gold inlay and black lacquered background. This highly technical skill obtained and finessed through Ryan’s parallel career in the sign making industry.



Kingdom Exhibtion

One of our Miller Junction desk space members and Print Club artist Caroline Tomlinson has recently held her own solo show in Cape Town. The show was inspired by ‘Kingdom exhibition

Caroline TomlinsonKINGDOM TO WIDTH AT 2m_2

‘Fragments’ and Part 2 is called ‘Horizon’ – both are printed 100% silk, and hang 2meters in length, the pictures at the space should help give you an idea.

Inspired by the theme of the “Kingdom exhibition”

“Pantheism embodies the central belief that the universe and nature should be regarded with the deepest reverence; that “We are part of nature.”

At our death we will be reabsorbed into nature. We are at home in nature. The earth is where we make our paradise, not in an afterlife beyond the grave.

If nature is the only paradise, then our separation from nature and destruction thereof is the only hell.

Intrinsic to most indigenous tribal cultures is the belief that Nature is something we live within and as a part of . “There is no essential separation: no transcendental dualism, no Enlightenment search for objectivity, no Puritan fear of dangerous, chaotic nature”. Nature and ecology represent and include what are often the most important elements of indigenous peoples’ lifestyle. Fundamentally, the earth as the source of life is seen as the creator, a spiritual being. The land therefore is not only the source of all sustenance, but a definer of identity and place of spiritual grounding. 




Lucille Garden Party

One of our regular studio members and Print Club artist Lucille Clerc currently has a show running in Paris all themed around her new collection of botanicals and we can’t get enough of these! Check out some of the photos we have form the opening night…